The CAPP Management Certification

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The Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner programme is widely recognized as the most comprehensive certification programme specifically for the Accounts Payable industry. Over 7,000 Finance professionals and leaders choose IFOL for certifications across all areas of Financial Operations.

CAPM at a glance

The CAPP Management (CAPM) course is the leadership and management focussed element from the two levels within the CAPP Certification Programme for Accounts Payable professionals. 

Whether you are an experienced Accounts Payable or wider Finance professional, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to progress your career in finance leadership and management. 

This Accounts Payable Management course is designed for experienced or aspiring Finance Leaders, providing tools and best practices for successful management and leadership of an Accounts Payable team and department. 

Who is this course designed for?

All current and aspiring Finance Leaders and Managers who may already directly or indirectly manage Accounts Payable processes or teams.

Typically our students job titles include:

Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk / Team Leader or Manager

Finance Operations Manager / Director

P2P Manager / Specialist / Consultant

Head of Shared Services 

Get the tools to help you lead high-performing teams

Accounts Payable is a challenging and complex area of finance which requires the highest level of leadership skills

  • Leadership, motivation and coaching tools and techniques

  • Develop your staff and create high performing teams

  • Embed Key Performance Indicators to drive performance

  • Turn complaints into positive situations

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the CAPM certification programme

    • Welcome

    • Let's get started

    • Join the IFOL membership community

    • Study Guide

  • 2

    Leading and Motivating the Accounts Payable team

    • Module 1 Focus and Objectives

    • Leadership - Purpose, Styles and Skills

    • Motivation and motivators

    • Change and change process

    • Coaching as a leader

    • End of module assessment

  • 3

    Managing for High Performance in the AP team

    • Module 2 Focus and Objectives

    • Management and delegation

    • SMART management

    • Challenging actions

    • Managing for high performance

    • End of module assessment

  • 4

    Developing staff maximising performance

    • Module 3 Focus and Objectives

    • Develop your staff

    • Coaching and learning

    • Staff appraisals

    • Team development mindset

    • End of module assessment

  • 5

    Presenting with impact

    • Module 4 Focus and Objectives

    • An introduction to presentations

    • Preparing your presentation

    • Delivery of your presentation

    • The power of your voice

    • End of module assessment

  • 6

    KPI's for business performance

    • Module 5 Focus and Objectives

    • KPI's an overview

    • KPI's for Accounts Payable

    • KPI's for motivation

    • End of module assessment

  • 7

    Complaints handling in Accounts Payable

    • Module 6 Focus and Objectives

    • Complaints handling process

    • Complaints guide

    • Understanding and resolving complaints

    • End of module assessment

  • 8

    End of course exam

    • End of Course Final Exam (CAPM)

Studying with Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership

  • Student Support

    An essential element of the CAPP delivery model to is to ensure you are supported at each stage in your journey. Support is provided through bi-monthly live discussion forums and one to one

  • 24/7 Access

    The CAPP Management course content is available to students online 24/7 within our state of the art virtual learning environment. Access course materials including training videos, audio, presentations, surveys and the course exam at your convenience.

  • Course Structure

    Modular Learning Format, means you learn and absorb the information you need to before moving on the the next topic. Your knowledge is tested with quizzes and an end of course multiple choice exam

CAPP Course Prospectus

Download your copy here

Get your copy of the CAPP course prospectus here and read more about what you'll learn during your studies.

Key Information

  • Duration

    50 learning hours - study at your own pace for up to 12 months

  • Modules

    6 modules with over 40 Accounts Payable Management and Leadership topics covered

  • Assessments

    End of module tests and a final multiple choice exam to earn your official CAPP certificate accredited by the Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership (IFOL)

Payment Options

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Employer funding

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Where our students work

What you'll gain from this course

  • Enhanced Leadership and Management skills

  • Understanding the principles of motivation to develop high performance teams

  • How to effectively conduct staff appraisals

  • An understanding of KPI's for Accounts Payable teams

  • An industry recognised certificate of completion accredited by IFOL (Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership


  • What's included within the certification programme?

    The programme includes all learning materials, a resources area, study guide, optional workbook and final multiple choice exam.

  • I'm already certified, do I receive and exemptions on CAPP certification?

    CAPP certification is the highest (AP specific) level available. As such if you have previously completed AP certification with other bodies, you may be eligible for exemptions from some of our course modules. Please email with your certification status and the name of the awarding body and we will let you know if you are eligible for exemptions.

  • How long do I have to take the exam?

    You will receive a full 12 months access to the course materials and you must complete the exam within this time. You are entitled to 3 attempts to complete and pass the exam with an 80%+ pass mark.