What is the CAPS Certification?

The leading professional credential for Accounts Payable professionals

The Accounts Payable Specialist Certification (CAPS), is the first of two levels within the full CAPP programme. To earn the CAPS credential, you must complete the Accounts Payable Specialist online study programme and pass the final exam which includes 50 multiple choice questions.

A Certified Accounts Payable Specialist is a Subject Matter Expert and competent professional in the field of Accounts Payable with an advanced understanding of the Accounts Payable process and the best practices which reduce risks and enable Accounts Payable functions to operate efficiently.

Whether you are an experienced Accounts Payable or wider Finance professional, the Accounts Payable Specialist course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to progress your career in financial operations.

What you'll gain from the Accounts Payable Specialist course

The CAPP is the true standard for educational excellence in the field of Accounts Payable

  • Certified Accounts Payable Specialist status and CAPS designation

  • Expert understanding of the Accounts Payable Process

  • Advanced awareness of Risks to Accounts Payable including internal and external frauds

  • Ability to analyse and improve processes

  • Knowledge of Accounts Payable technology solutions and their capabilities

  • Understanding of the need for internal controls

Employment Benefits of Becoming a CAPS

As the field’s leading designation, the CAPP is the key indication of candidates with proven ability and experience. To earn it, you must not only complete the online study programme but also pass two challenging and rigorous exams. Employers globally recognise this and in many cases require their Accounts Payable team members to hold either CAPS, CAPM or CAPP certifications.

How to Obtain the CAPS Credential

3 Simple Steps

  • Online Course

    Complete the Accounts Payable Specialist online and on-demand course.

  • Exam Preparation

    Use the study material, practice questions, live and recorded classes to prepare for the final exam.

  • Exam

    When you’ve completed the course you can take the relevant exam at your convenience, online within the IFOL Academy.

Accounts Payable Specialist Course Curriculum

A fully comprehensive Accounts Payable study programme

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome To The CAPS Course

    • Join the IFOL global community

    • About You and Your Career Goals

    • It's Time To Begin

  • 2

    The Accounts Payable Function and Terminology

    • Essential AP Terminology Glossary

    • Accounting Terminology Questions

  • 3

    Accounts Payable Processes and Procedures

    • Module Overview

    • The Accounts Payable Process

    • 3 Way Match and Processing Invoices

    • Invoice to Pay Masterclass (28 mins)

    • Invoice Processing Best Practices Masterclass (41 mins)

    • Debit Balances, Exceptions and Purchase Orders

    • How to Achieve Purchase Order Compliance (40 mins)

    • Statement Reconciliations

    • Accounts Payable Process Knowledge Check

  • 4

    Technology for Accounts Payable

    • Module Overview

    • Evaluating Software Solutions for AP

    • Solution Types

    • RACI Matrix Template

    • Automated Expense Systems, Supplier Portals and Invoice Capture

    • Self Service Supplier Portals

    • Supplier Self Service Portals Masterclass (44 mins)

    • Digital Payments Masterclass (36 mins)

    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    • Getting Started with RPA Masterclass (41mins)

    • Technology Knowledge Check

  • 5

    Customer Service and Stakeholder Management

    • Module Overview

    • Understanding Good Customer Service

    • Measuring Success Task

    • Customer Service Continued

    • Customer Service Masterclass (41 mins)

    • Your Customer Service Brand

    • Types of Customer

    • Handling Complaints Effectively

    • Customer Service Knowledge Check

  • 6

    Vendors, Compliance and Reporting

    • Module Overview

    • Supplier Management and Masterfile

    • Standardising the Supplier Masterfile to Prevent Fraud Masterclass (47 mins)

    • Supplier Data

    • How to Clean Up Dirty Data Masterclass (41 mins)

    • Risk Intelligence and Supplier Relationship Management

    • 1099 Reporting and W8/W9 Form Compliance

    • Sales and Use Tax (26 mins)

    • Suppliers Knowledge Check

  • 7

    Communication and Negotiation Skills

    • Module Overview

    • Communication Overview and Types

    • Importance of Good Communication

    • Communication and Negotiation Knowledge Check

  • 8

    Data Entry and AP Accounting

    • Module Overview

    • Data Entry, Analysis and Numerical Skills

    • Accounts Payable Accounting Masterclass (45 mins)

  • 9

    Travel and Entertainment Expenses

    • Module Overview

    • Travel and Entertainment Overview

    • Monitoring Compliance

    • Expense Management Solutions

    • Travel and Entertainment Expenses Knowledge Check

  • 10

    Internal Controls, Risk Management and Audits

    • Module Overview

    • Compliance and Controls

    • Risk Management and Records Retention

    • Accounts Payable Fraud

    • Audits and Audit Compliance

    • What to Expect in a Finance Audit Masterclass (42 mins)

    • Compliance and Controls Knowledge Check

  • 11

    Fraud Prevention in Accounts Payable (Masterclass Series)

    • Masterclass Series Overview

    • Avoiding Payments Fraud in Accounts Payable (58 mins)

    • Segregation of Duties to Avoid Fraud (17 mins)

    • Supplier (or Vendor) Validations for Reducing Fraud Risk (18 mins)

    • Combatting Business Email Compromise or BEC (21 mins)

  • 12

    Performance Management, Team Building and KPI's

    • Module Overview

    • Performance Management and Team Building

    • Performance Management Masterclass (31 mins)

    • Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators

    • Performance and KPI's Knowledge Check

  • 13


    • Exam Prep Guidance

    • Exam Prep: Mock Exam Questions

    • Starting The Exam

    • CAPS Exam

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