Create a Personal Development Plan

Identify your own development needs and work towards your career goals

This interactive short course will help you to identify your own personal and professional development needs. This will enable you to compare your current skill set against that of your desired role and identify any skills gaps. Next you will prepare your own PDP including a full SWOT Analysis, Set Objectives and Outline Short Medium and Long-Term development and career goals.

Short Course Overview

Complete in 1-2 hours

  • 1
    Developing an effective PDP
    • Course Introduction
    • Highlighting personal development needs
    • Skills Audit Template
    • SWOT Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis Template
    • L&D Opportunities
    • Perparing a PDP
    • Example PDP - Section 1
    • Personal SWOT Analysis Template
    • Example PDP - Section 2
    • Objective Setting Template
    • Example PDP - Section 3
    • Short, Medium and Long Term Goal Setting Template
    • Completion Summary

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